Venezuela Maracaibo Mission (2000-2002)

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Venezuela Maracaibo Mission (2000-2002)

Venezuela Maracaibo Mission (2000-2002) is a memory matching game (like Concentration) created by Curtis Gibby. It has the following match cards: Zona Ojeda soccer team/Zona Ojeda soccer team (July 2001), Our First Day in the MTC/Our First Day in the MTC (May 2000), Ojeda Apartment/Ojeda Apartment (2001), Ice Skating with Zona Sur/Ice Skating with Zona Sur (2001), Christmas lunch - El Establo/Christmas dinner at El Establo (2001), Zona La Villa at Tokuku/Zona La Villa at Tokuku (2000), Teaching Homer the Word of Wisdom/Teaching Homer the Word of Wisdom (2001), Virgen de La Paz/Virgen de La Paz (2002), Boat trip with Zona Sur/Boat trip with Zona Sur (2001), Zona Valera at the Virgen/Zona Valera inside the Virgen statue (2002)

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