Ninth Grade Poetry Terms

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Ninth Grade Poetry Terms

Ninth Grade Poetry Terms is a memory matching game (like Concentration) created by Mary Mikel. It has the following match cards: Alliteration/ The repetition of a beginning consonant in a line., Allusion/Reference to another book, movie, or historical event., Hyperbole/An exaggeration used as a figure of speech., Imagery/Figurative language using one or more of the five senses., Irony/Difference between the actual results of a sequence of events and the expected results., Simile/Comparing 2 unlike objects, suggesting a likeness using like or as., Metaphor/Comparing 2 unlike objects directly, suggesting a likeness., Onomatopoeia/A word that imitates its natural sound., Oxymoron/A linking of contradictory words., Paradox/ Something that seems to contradict common sense or has contradictory qualities, and is yet true., Personification/When an inanimate object or animal takes on human characteristics., Symbolism/ The use of something concrete to represent something that cannot be visualized in and of itself.

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